At A&A Work Gear our only goal is to provide the best design, the best craftsmanship, and the best service to our customers.

Our founder has been in this business for decades and since day one, he always had a simple business plan: design, manufacture, and sell the finest work gear in the world. While the world has changed immeasurably in that time, our dedication to that founding principle has not.

It starts with meticulous design and extraordinary craftsmanship. In the best traditions of German design and engineering, we take absolutely nothing for granted. No detail is too small to be considered and no solution too far outside the box. We try everything to find ideas that produce the best possible work gear and proceed from there.

The best designs are worthless if they aren’t brought to life by people with the same passion for excellence the designers shared. That’s why we won’t hire anyone without that passion for perfection. We won’t work with any company that thinks cutting corners results in higher profits than simply producing the best product on the market.

All the materials we use are of the highest possible quality.“Precision craftsmanship” may sound like something better reserved for the finest luxury cars, but not to anyone who spends a workday wearing our work gear.

Producing the best work gear in the world is not enough, though. We want our customers to love us as much as they love our work gear.

Every one of us is dedicated to your success.

We are ready to serve you, today and every day.

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